Experience. Reliability. Choice.

The World Egg Bank has 450 egg donors available for both fresh cycles and to support our bank of cryopreserved eggs. The company has been recruiting and screening egg donors nationwide since 1996, and banking cryopreserved oocytes since 2004. We have distributed over 500 shipments of cryopreserved oocytes nationally and internationally since 2006.

A Reputation for Excellence

The World Egg Bank was founded by leading doctors in the field of egg cryopreservation and continues to advance improvements in donor egg technology. Our team has built an infra-structure that manages every operational facet of the business worldwide.

Experience You Can Count On

We are focused on customer needs. We answer our phones and return calls the same day! We have a centralized, effective, and proven operational system that has been developed from a decade of experience. We base our commitment to provide compassionate and professional service on a true understanding of the complex issues you and your patients face around egg donation.

Ease and Speed

We offer services that cater to your patient's peace of mind. Our experience enables us to provide cryopreserved donor eggs without the risks, variable costs, and geographical boundaries typical of fresh donor cycles. We also remove the costs and time consuming complexities of managing an in-house donor program. We become a 'one window' opportunity to meet all your donor needs, which allows us to develop a smooth, consistent working relationship.

Rigor of our Donor Screening Process

We employ an extremely intensive screening process on every donor, ensuring that they meet our strict criteria for health, fitness, psychology, and genetic predisposition for future disease. Only 1 out of 50 applicants is accepted as a donor. We receive over 200 applicants weekly.


We profess no magical solutions, require no exclusivity or provider clinic fees or contracts, and provide accurate information based on scientifically calculated data to reflect accurate outcomes to you and your patients. We focus on continued research to improve outcomes and seek solutions to unique circumstances.


We provide realistic guarantees. We guarantee at least 60% of eggs will survive the thaw (in 2013, the average thaw rate with different end-user clinics worldwide is greater than 90%). We do not offer complex financial options, promise refunds if there is not a live birth (resulting in complicated refund formulas and unexpected deductions), and we do not screen out recipients. We offer a simple fee structure for our eggs, with no hidden costs or deductions.