Medical Fertility Program

The World Egg Bank has partnered with top rated and world renowned fertility practices in London, Boston, New York and Arizona to provide you, the recipient, with a seamless solution to your fertility goals.  By choosing to work with The World Egg Bank, along with one of our preferred clinics, you will receive the highest level of medical care available. Choice, donor availability, and proven results are your reasons to choose The World Egg Bank’s “Medical Fertility Program”.

Preferred Clinic Relationships

  • London*, New York, Boston and Arizona
  • World Renowned Fertility Practices
  • Superior Experience with Frozen Oocytes
  • Experts in Fertility
  • Highest Pregnancy Rates

Step by Step Process

    • Register as a recipient on our website.
    • Select your preferred donor.
    • Select your clinic location from one of our preferred clinics.
    • We will connect you with the clinic you have chosen.
    • They will work with you to set up a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Accommodations and transportation needs will also be coordinated by that clinic.
    • You will reimburse us directly for the eggs. Additional costs related to your treatment will be determined by the clinic you have chosen and paid directly to them.
    • We will work with your clinic to ship your eggs exactly when needed.
    • You arrive for the embryo transfer on the date you arrange with your clinic.

* UK/Australian approved donors only