Frozen Eggs are the Easiest Way to Obtain Donor Eggs

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a Donor

The first step is to browse our online donor selection of donor eggs that are in our egg bank. Selecting a donor is an important decision and our trained staff will offer helpful guidance if you need it.

2. Securing the Donor Eggs

Now that you’ve selected a donor, and had all of your questions answered by our donor consultants, the next step is to arrange for payment. Recipients typically purchase six eggs at a time.

3. Receive, Thaw, and Fertilize the Eggs

With the transaction complete, we ship the eggs directly to your physician. You and your physician arrange the timing of the thaw, fertilization of the donor eggs, and transfer of the embryo(s)

As long as you’re working with a clinic approved by the World Egg Bank, all frozen eggs have a replacement guaranteed if less than 60% of your eggs do not survive the thaw process.

What it Takes to Qualify as an Egg Donor
Selecting an Egg Donor
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