I want to move forward with a fresh donor cycle. What do I do?

The fresh egg process has two major phases:

  1. Select an Egg Donor from our free, online roster of egg donors
  2. Begin your donor cycle.

Selecting a Fresh Egg Donor

Choosing your egg donor is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and our first step is to offer expert guidance on helping you make the decision. We can assist you in three ways:

1. Online

Browse our Free Online Registry of over 350 available egg donors. Each donor profile contains information including 3 generations of medical history, the donor’s education, interests, special talents and abilities, reasons for donating, the parents’ education and occupations, and 3 generations of family characteristics.

2. In Person

If you’re in Arizona or willing to travel to Arizona, schedule an appointment, come in and meet with us to review the donor registry. The appointment usually takes two hours and costs a one-time flat fee of $300.

3. Personal telephone assistance

Our TWEB donor consultants will walk you through our process, answer any of your questions, and coordinate with you and your doctor to begin your donor cycle.

Schedule an Appointment Online or Call us at 602.678.1906

You may also wish to view our information on Selecting an Egg Donor.

Once you’ve selected a donor, we’ll send you a contract and discuss your specific cycle requirements including the location of your doctor, location of your donor, necessary screening requirements, and potential cycle dates as determined by you and your doctor.

Once you return our signed contract along with a 50% deposit, your deposit is placed in an escrow account for your cycle. The deposit is the sum of 50% of The World Egg Bank base program fee, and 50% of the donor fee.

Please note that the contract must be notarized, unless you wish to send a check with the contract. You will also be responsible for all attorney costs if you elect to employ an attorney to review the standard World Egg Bank-Recipient contract, review the standard World Egg Bank-Ovum Donor contract or Prepare a Donor-Recipient agreement.

Begin your donor cycle

Congratulations, you have selected an egg donor! We now begin the process with you and your doctor’s office.

Our first step is to screen the donor according to the protocol and orders established by your doctor’s office and according to FDA guidelines.

Once the screening process is complete, your egg donor will begin a regimen of hormone treatments to prepare her eggs. When your donor is accepted into your doctor's donor program and commences her cycle, you are invoiced for the balance of all cycle expenses.

Should your donor need to travel, The World Egg Bank will make all arrangements for donor and companion travel and accommodations.

Both you and your donor are your doctor’s patients, and he decides all medical protocol to prepare you and your egg donor . Once the donor eggs are retrieved, they will be fertilized and transferred to your uterus as an embryo 2 – 5 days later. The World Egg Bank compensates the donor for her time and effort.