Four Different Ways to Reach Your Goal:

Having the ability to conceive through donor eggs is a gift, and we know that we can provide the science that makes it possible. Although we offer four options that give you the opportunity to conceive, there are two fundamental ways to obtain donor eggs today, and the World Egg Bank offers both, and then some:

1. The Fresh Egg Process

In this process, we provide you the guidance and assistance you need to select an egg donor for a medically synchronized, traditional Fresh donor cycle.

2. The Frozen Egg Process

In this process, the donor has already been medically, psychologically and genetically screened, and her eggs have been retrieved and frozen.. We immediately send your physician her frozen eggs. As soon as you are ready, the donor eggs are thawed, fertilized and ready to be transferred to you as embryos.

If you are interested in a more detailed comparison of all our egg donor processes, go to our "Fresh vs. Frozen eggs" page.

Click here to view a full map of The World Egg Bank family building options.

3. Our Custom Choice™ Option.

You can combine the best of both fresh and frozen options:
If you want to select a donor from our expanding selection of donors available for Fresh cycles, we will assume the risks associated with her screening and egg retrieval, and you are guaranteed 6 frozen eggs from her cycle. Should your selected donor not produce the full 6 mature eggs guaranteed, The World Egg Bank will assume all costs related to a new donor cycle. We consider this our risk reduction, guarantee program.

4. Our Custom Choice Embryo™ Option.

As in Custom Choice, you select a donor from our fresh donor roster, we assume all responsibility for screening and retrieving the egg donor, and you are guaranteed 6 eggs. However, instead of having them frozen, we will immediately fertilize them with your husband’s or donor sperm, and freeze the EMBRYOS to ship to you. This unique offering is particularly attractive outside of the US where donor legislation is highly restrictive.