The World Egg Bank - Donate Eggs or Find an Egg Donor

Why The World Egg Bank

Experience. Reliability. Choice

The World Egg Bank has 450 egg donors available for both fresh cycles and to support our bank of cryopreserved eggs. We have shipped over 500 shipments of cryopreserved oocytes nationally and internationally since 2006.

A Reputation for Excellence

The World Egg Bank was founded by leading doctors in the field of egg cryopreservation and continues to advance improvements in donor egg technology.

Experience You Can Count On

We are focused on customer needs. We are committed to provide immediate, compassionate and professional service.

Ease and Speed

Our experience and service options enables us to provide cryopreserved donor eggs without the risks, variable costs, and geographical boundaries typical of fresh donor cycles.

Rigorous Donor Screening Process

Only one in 50 applicants accepted as donors.


We profess no magical solutions, and provide accurate information based on scientifically calculated data to reflect accurate pregnancy outcomes to you and your patients. We do not offer complex financial options resulting in confusing refund formulas, promise refunds if there is not a live birth, resulting in unexpected deductions, and we do not screen out recipients to qualify for our services. We offer a simple fee structure for our eggs, with no hidden costs or deductions.


We provide realistic guarantees. We guarantee at least 60% of eggs will survive the thaw (in 2013, the average thaw rate with different end-user clinics worldwide is currently greater than 90%).


The Custom Choice Option brings together the convenience of banked frozen eggs from the largest possible selection of egg donors with the latest in freezing technology. With the Custom Choice Option we can retrieve, freeze, and ship your eggs within 10-12 weeks.

We offer a unique program to select from 450 donors on our roster of available egg donors and we bank her eggs just for you! Rather than selecting from banked eggs that may not be the best match for you, YOU can select the donor that is right for you. We incur the risks associated with egg donation, guaranteeing you receive your donor’s eggs with the security of knowing they were just frozen (vitrified) with the most current technology available.


We will be in BOSTON at ASRM 2013

The Global Leader in Egg Banking

The World Egg Bank will be exhibiting at the annual American Society of Reproductive Medicine Conference

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~ Recent Client Feedback ~


The World Egg Bank has restored my faith in working with an egg donor agency. I was originally with another agency but after they attempted to charge me additional fees to continue the cycle with my egg donor, I came across The World Egg Bank. Needless to say, I was very cautious and skeptical that working with them would be no different, but I was wrong; there was no comparison. Everything with The World Egg Bank was straight forward and simple. Thanks to The World Egg Bank for making the donor egg process so simple. They are the best!

Recipient from Florida

“We realize just how fortunate we are to have a child at all and wanted to send our most sincere thanks to you and your team for helping us find a wonderful donor who helped us achieve our desire to grow our little family.  We feel incredibly blessed and thank you again for all your help.”

Recipients L & J in AZ

You are amazingly fast in responding to our request and we are so grateful for your sincerity in your professionalism. Thank you so much again for all your great support and assistance to our most excitingly precious and pivotal life event.

Recipients M & P in DC