When only Fresh or Frozen aren’t quite right: TWEB Custom Choice™ and Embryo Custom Choice™ Programs

Although our clients recognize the immense personal benefits from the Frozen Egg process, sometimes the egg donor you want is only available for Fresh Egg donor protocols.

Not anymore. Using the Custom Choice Process, you can choose a donor from the Fresh Egg registry, and opt to ultimately obtain the donor eggs as frozen eggs. The World Egg Bank will absorb all the risk and expense of the process, and ship you the number of frozen eggs you wish. The Custom Choice Option brings together the convenience of the Frozen Egg process with largest possible selection of egg donors. With the Custom Choice Option we can retrieve, freeze, and ship your eggs within 6-8 weeks.


  • The Custom Choice Process allows you to enhance your comfort level by selecting from a broad range of egg donors.
  • It provides you with the same convenience of frozen donor eggs, reduces emotional risks, and eliminates the uncertainty of fluctuating financial costs associated with traditional Fresh Egg Donor Protocols.

Take Custom Choice one step further: Embryo Custom Choice

Our unique Embryo Freezing Program offers the same advantages of our Custom Choice program, but allows you to fertilize your selected fresh or frozen donor eggs and we freeze and ship the frozen embryo.

Frozen sperm from the recipient couple's husband (or donor sperm) is sent to one of our specialized laboratories in the USA and used to fertilize either one of our frozen or fresh donor eggs. The subsequent embryo is then frozen and shipped back to your IVF Laboratory where a standard frozen embryo transfer cycle can be performed.


Some fertility practices are more familiar with the technology to thaw frozen embryos, which has been performed world-wide for more than a decade, Using this technology allows your doctor to work with technology proven many times over in their laboratory.