Eggs Without Borders: Donor Spotlight

The World Egg Bank has the privilege of interviewing so many lovely women each week. It is our great pleasure to work with such giving and gifted women. Periodically, we would like to do a donor spotlight wherein we highlight one donor who has made an impact on us. Today, we would like to acknowledge […]

Eggs Without Borders: The World Egg Bank is Cycling Donors!

The World Egg Bank Staff is working to put more eggs in the bank for our Recipients! The World Egg Bank business model would, ideally, cycle donors as they are approved and put on the roster, so that their eggs are available to our Recipients immediately, however, some donors are never selected while other are […]

Eggs Without Borders: Labor Day Celebrations

It is Labor Day weekend. Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of society’s workers, and here at The World Egg Bank, we like to take this holiday to also celebrate the successes that our Recipients have had with our company and our donors. After all, as every person undergoing IVF knows, being a […]

Eggs Without Borders: Local Egg Bank Benefits for Donors

There are a number of egg donation companies spread throughout the US. When you have never been an egg donor before, it can be difficult to compare them effectively. Some egg banks are located out of state, some work with only certain clinics—requiring more travel, some offer higher compensation rates (see last week’s blog on […]

Eggs Without Borders: US Donor Compensation

The issue of our donor compensation has been a topic of interest for both our Donors and our Recipients. For the purposes of this discussion, I am only going to be discussing US donor compensation, as Donors who participate in cycles for other countries are reimbursed for their travel, lost wages, etc. as appropriate to […]

Eggs Without Borders: Tchotchkes, Universities, and Hawaii!

The World Egg Bank is purchasing promotional giveaway items, also known as tchotchkes! In a climate like Arizona, what could be more fitting than handing out free sunglasses and flip flops? So keep an eye out for The World Egg Bank representatives at your local Maricopa County colleges. We will also be giving them out […]

Eggs Without Borders: Expanding Our Roster

The World Egg Bank is always working to expand its roster, endeavoring to build the most diverse and well-rounded roster of qualified donors who can help create loving families around the world. The World Egg Bank recruits donors in a myriad of ways, from on-campus recruitment to Craigslist advertisements. This week we signed a contract […]

Eggs Without Borders: Website Updates

I have updated the Media Archive and Resources Sections of our website. Donors, Recipients, and Physicians can now view media that we believe will assist them on their path with egg donation or donor eggs. We will continue to update these sections, adding news stories and press releases, so keep checking back for additional resources. […]

Welcome to “Eggs Without Borders” (Updated Every Monday)!

Welcome to The World Egg Bank’s first Eggs Without Borders blog post. The purpose of this blog is to give our recipients and donors some insight into our office and a chance to request information that you’d like to know about. Additionally, this is where you can get some behind the scenes information, like interesting […]

TWEB Sponsors Parents Via Egg Donation (

The World Egg Bank sponsors the organization Parents Via Egg Donation (, a unique and critical source of information for potential recipients. PVED, whose tag line is “Changing the World One Baby at a Time”, has a very comprehensive website, offering blogs, informative articles, reading lists and FAQs. The scope of recipient information is very […]