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Key Staff Member


Working in fertility for over a decade, and serving as an ART program supervisor for the past seven years, Brian has proved himself to be an expert embryologist. He has extensive experience in all facets of the embryology laboratory, including: ICSI, Day 3 and Day 5 blastocyst embryo development, assisted hatching, vitrification of oocytes and embryos, and PGD. In addition to the technical procedures, Brian is the chief compliance officer and represents Boston IVF with CLIA, CAP, SART, and FDA licensure and inspections. He is highly regarded by these agencies as having successfully guided centers on both coasts to the highest level of recognition and achievement. Brian has been a great asset to TWEB with both his laboratory expertise and his knowledgeable consulting.

Rebecca De La Cruz


Rebecca De La Cruz joined The World Egg Bank in 2009. Rebecca’s prior association with The World Egg Bank was as an egg donor who enjoyed helping families. She is a dedicated member of our team, and is resourceful, organized, creative and efficient. After screening thousands of our egg donors, her goal is to accept the best and ensure that each donor has a very positive experience. She serves as a resource for donors through every step of the screening and donation process. Rebecca interfaces with Intended Parents, who enjoy regular updates on their donor, and with doctor’s offices across the US to manage donor screening, monitoring, travel, and post-retrieval care. She accommodates special screening requirements nationally and internationally requested of our IP’s doctors. Her knowledge of the donor process is unsurpassed after years of experience with The World Egg Bank.

Caderina Carrizosa


Caderina Carrizosa graduated from Arizona State University with a double major in Mathematics and Biological Sciences. Caderina’s diligent work ethic and friendly, personable approach to clients and vendors makes her an efficient and effective Financial Manager. She also was an egg donor three times prior to her employment with The World Egg Bank and understands the emotional and financial difficulties our Intended Parents often face.

Shannon Crosby


Shannon’s background is in education and her work in the Early Childhood Education for 13 years as a teacher has given her significant background in planning and working within structured time-sensitive management systems. As a member of the school’s management team, she worked with many students in their 20’s to counsel them on career choices. She has exceptional communication skills, organizational and computer skills and human resource management training. Her energy and commitment to serving customers is clearly demonstrated in her relationship with our clients.

Anna Hasselbring


Anna Hasselbring graduated from Northern Arizona University with a double major in Advertising and Public Relations. Anna’s previous work at a marketing firm in Chicago has given her a unique perspective that she now uses to educate and counsel potential egg donors. She also has 6+ years in child care and customer service giving her exceptional people skills. Anna’s outgoing, caring personality along with her passion regarding egg donation allows her to connect with new donors and guide them through the application process.

Tonya Heilbrun


Tonya Heilbrun graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is a perfect fit for our company as she has a very unique story of her own. Tonya was one of The World Egg Banks recipients back in 2003 when Diana Thomas (Founder and CEO) was still operating her fresh donor agency, X and Y Consulting. Tonya has amazing twin boys as a result of her donor egg experience. Six short months after the birth of her twins, she “miraculously” became pregnant with her third biological son. Tonya has many years of experience in the customer service industry. In 2009, she started a small company with her sister called Use Your Marbles. This was a marble reward system for children that she designed and marketed while staying at home with her boys when they were younger. With Tonya’s personal experience, she has the empathy and compassion needed to assist our clients while going through all the highs and lows of the infertility process.

Gary Harton Ph.D.


Richard C Wagner M.S., C.G.C


Brian LoManto

Brian has experience in all facets of ART: Embryology, andrology, and immunoassay. He received his training in Connecticut and arrived in Phoenix in 2007. Since then, he has successfully represented clinics with major compliance agencies such as: CAP, CLIA, FDA, and SART. Since 2010, his focus has been on vitrification and warming of oocytes and he has performed over 500 vitrification cycles with proven, consistent pregnancy rates from clinics around the world.

In addition to his role in the embryology laboratory, Brian works as a consultant with various clinics and embryology organizations. He has consulted on the construction of numerous embryology laboratories throughout the United States. He founded and organized the Desert Southwest Embryology Association, a local professional group for embryologists in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He also serves on the organizing committee for the Southwest Embryology Summit, an annual conference for embryologists throughout the western United States.

Ray Lemberg, Ph.D.


Dr. Lemberg’s prolific career and experience over a wide range of psychological fields provides the experience The World Egg Bank requires to ensure its egg donors are well prepared for their egg donation cycle.

Dr. Gabor T. Kovacs


Dr. Jacob F. Mayer, Jr.


Dr. Kuwayama


Dr. Kimball Pomeroy, Ph.D.


Dr. Pomeroy has worked as a consultant for several projects in Mexico, Nepal, China, Bolivia and the Bahamas. He has served as a member of the SART Executive Board, Chair of the Reproductive Laboratory Technician’s Group, Chair of the College of Reproductive Biology and a founding member of the Regulatory Task Force and the Southwest Embryologist Summit.

Dr. Pomeroy has lectured at many scientific meetings and has been involved in the organization and presentations at several symposia for the education of embryologists. He has coauthored numerous papers, mostly dealing with the detection of embryo toxins and cryopreservation. Recently he has coauthored several papers on the risks of cross-contamination of microbes during storage of tissue in liquid nitrogen, the usefulness of embryo morphology in predicting pregnancy and the source of microbial contamination during embryo culture.

Patricia M. McShane, M.D.


Coincidentally, after completing her boards in the mid-eighties, the historical beginnings of IVF in the US commenced. Dr. McShane served as the Medical Director of IVF at the Brigham, and soon thereafter at the Reproductive Science Center of New England during the introduction of many key clinical services, including embryo cryopreservation, oocyte donation, and ICSI in the mid-eighties and nineties. Later, she would be involved in the launch of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening and an early trial of oocyte maturation. Dr. McShane was listed as one of Boston’s top doctors. She is one of the first reproductive specialists to bring in-vitro fertilization technology to the US.

From 2007 to 2013, Dr. McShane practiced at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where she spearheaded the oocyte vitrification clinical trial, involving immediate thawing and transfer of vitrified oocytes for infertile couples, showing equivalency with fresh oocytes. A current project involves developing CME materials for oncologists to increase acceptance of fertility preservation options, including oocyte and embryo vitrification. She recently earned a Certificate in Global Public Health at the Colorado School of Public Health.

Dr. McShane has served on the Board of Directors of Integramed, a management company for fertility practices, and as the President of the New England Fertility Society. Other memberships include: Offices and Committee Assignments for ASRM, SART Abstract Committee and Women’s Council.

Dr. McShane is the author of numerous medical reports, reviews, and book chapters, including:
• McShane PM, Schiff I. IVF and embryo transfer–what we’ve learned. Contemporary Ob/Gyn 1986;28:125.
• McShane PM. “Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation for Assisted Reproductive Technologies”: New Horizons in Reproductive Medicine.
• Coutifaris C and Mastroianni L (eds). Lancs LA6 2 LA, UK, Parthenon Publishing, 1997: ISBN 1-85-70-793-6.
• McShane PM, Danforth A, Carson R. Oocyte donation-an efficient therapy for perimenopausal infertility. Presented at the District ACOG, Meeting New Rhode Island, 1995.
• Carson RS, Burgess CM, Glatstein IZ, Singer N, Cunningham DL, McShane PM, Wood DS. Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and

The World Egg Bank 9 Cryopreservation of Embryos. Presented at the 532rd ASRM Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1997.
• IVF in women over 42 years old: Is using autologous oocytes a reasonable option? Presented at the 59th ASRM Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX 2003.
• Outcome in women over 35 years of age undergoing consecutive cycles of in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist protocol. ASRM Meeting, New Orleans, LA 2006.

Diana Thomas, M.A.


Throughout her career, Ms. Thomas struggled with infertility. After finding her own egg donor in 1995, she gave birth to a healthy child in 1996 who was one of the first 100 babies born with donor eggs in the US. After that success, infertility doctors contacted her to find egg donors for their other patients. In 1997 Ms. Thomas combined her extensive knowledge of the infertility industry, IVF, and donor IVF processes, with her administrative and managerial skills to form one of the first egg donor recruiting/ matching agencies in the US: X and Y Consulting. Ms. Thomas grew X and Y internationally while compiling a donor roster of hundreds of potential egg donors. During this time she traveled internationally, meeting infertility professionals at every level. Her managerial skills led her to cultivate healthy relationships with industry fertility specialists, business professionals, and vendors, including psychologists, genetic counselors and laboratories. Thomas’ compassion and experience has helped match thousands of couples with egg donors worldwide.

In 2004 Ms. Thomas, along with Drs. Jeffrey Boldt and James Akin, founded Cryo Eggs International (CEI). Dr. Boldt was one of the pioneers in developing egg freezing technology. During this time a world-renowned medical and scientific advisory board was assembled to support the company’s vision. CEI provided the frozen donor oocytes that led to the birth of the first baby in the world born from eggs provided by a commercial egg bank in 2005.

As CEO of the company, Thomas and her co-founders developed a new business model, daily operating systems, and a customer relations focus on service, without any business model precedents. The key portions of medical and scientific development were managed by Medical Director Dr. Patricia McShane who is well respected in the infertility community. Ms. Thomas worked with her managerial team to implement quality control, best practices, daily operational functions, and growth opportunities with new technological developments. Ms. Thomas continued to further develop relationships throughout the industry.

In 2009 Ms. Thomas merged X and Y and CEI into the company today known as The World Egg Bank, Inc. All egg donor services, from traditional fresh donor cycles to banking vitrified oocytes began operating under one umbrella. Through Ms. Thomas’ direction The World Egg Bank now offers the best in egg donor technologies for parents-to-be. The World Egg Bank provides the highest-level experience and expertise available in the US.