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Welcome, Australia!

internationalThe World Egg Bank is proud to announce that we are expanding our current services in Australia to work with your clinic, offering both frozen, banked eggs and Custom Choice frozen egg options. We, as well as our donors, adhere to Australian regulations for gamete donation. The World Egg Bank has been successfully working with premier clinics an Australia since 2007, shipping frozen, US donor eggs and embryos across the country.


New Technology

doctorsDr. Masashiage Kuwayama is one of the early leading pioneers in egg vitrification worldwide. He continues to demonstrate his on-going leadership and unmatched experience with a phenomenal 1.2 million vitrified and thawed human oocytes. The World Egg Bank is proud to announce that Dr. Kuwayama is now our Scientific Advisor, and that we are currently using his latest proven Cryotec Method to vitrify and warm oocytes, which when followed according to protocol, consistently results in a 100% warming survival rate. The World Egg Bank is excited to offer our clients our expertise in this cutting edge technology.


We Ship to All Clinics!

egg-donor-research-advancesThe World Egg Bank will work with any lab that our clients choose to utilize for their treatment. The World Egg Bank ships to new labs, worldwide, monthly. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the labs with which we have worked by compiling them into a PDF, which will be updated as necessary to best reflect our current business handlings. Have we worked with your lab yet? Click here to find out. If not, we look forward to working with you and you lab soon!


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